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Lithium-ion batteries (LIB) have transformed portable electronics and are now set to impact electric vehicles. Yet, their recycling rate remains disappointingly low, below 5%, due to technical and economic challenges. The accumulation of spent LIB necessitates environmentally sustainable solutions.

Extracting metals from spent LIB is complex and resource-intensive, hindering large-scale implementation. However, Hydromet has developed a comprehensive process to extract all metals, including black graphite powder, from LIB. We focus on addressing the major source of spent LIB, originating from electric vehicles with various metal combinations.


An Indian Patent has been granted, and a US patent is pending approval. Hydromet aims to globally commercialize this technology by establishing a 1000 MTPA LIB recycling demonstration plant in 2024.


Committed to responsible resource management, we contribute to better recycling practices worldwide.

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